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Pace your writing.

The graphics were excellent, the sound quality is in rather urgent need of improvement. My major qualm with this submission is that the plot is too fast paced, it goes from action sequence, to exposition, to action sequence, to exposition, with little or no character development in between. Simply put, you tried to fit what should be 20 minutes of plot development into a 5 minute film, and this creates a piece where information is forced on the viewer at way to fast a rate. Other than the PACE of the plot, the writing otherwise was great!

A disturbing lack of Ketchup.

I'm afriad that, while this may be the greatest creation of mankind this week, I cannot in good faith vote 5 due to a lack of the wonderous red paste of a substance known as ketchup. I therefore, with a heavy heart, vote 4.

Polished and stylistic

While some of the plot was rather weak, (for example, why was he in the ghost house in the first place? Was it a dream? If so, you didn’t explain this well enough.) the visual style really held this movie together. This is a nicely polished piece of work, with rather good voice work and great graphics, considering it was made with mostly sprites. There are a few small flaws which could be corrected, however, such as falling back on the old cliché of an unstoppable hero who suddenly turns evil and, ironically, cannot be stopped by the people he once protected, and the use of guns, tiredly done in Matrix style to battle the Ghosts.

You’ve done the style and animation well, but writing and detail seemed to me to be an afterthought.

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Perfectly balanced gameplay.

This game has exactly the right learning curve and lives in just the right intersection between believability, difficulty, and fun. I am not exaggerating when I say this game could have easily been sold on Steam for $10 a copy and people would have bought it in droves, including myself. The author really struck gold with this sadly unexplored facet of the classic zombie apocalypse setting, and it was a game that was just waiting to be made.

I play this game repeatedly, and the more challenging the difficulty level, the more the player is forced to utilize every available resource; from scavenging food, to the desperate race to reinforce the fort, to recruiting survivors to replace those lost in the inevitable fort overruns. My only issues are that the gameplay seems to get slightly stale once your fort grows to a large size, and your population becomes larger. The interface could also be streamlined a bit, but these points are minor. The harder difficulties can get frustrating for me, but that is clearly the point of the game anyway; the potential of losing is always there and there's this great survival of the fittest/no guarantees feeling to it.

The author really should be hired by an actual game company or start her own. Excellent work; the nail was hit squarely on the head with this game.

Perhaps a sequel is in order that could start where the city hall victory left off and you could run a country that rises from the ashes of the zombie apocalypse?

As fun as the last.

Allthough one bug:
In question 12, if you choose Mississippi, the game will incorrectly think you picked the right answer.

My score: 12/10

Very well done!

This is a very well done game, and actually quite an accurate simulation, if only working was that easy. I would have liked more than one sound loop for the game, and it's rather obscure how you go about making a flash movie in the game. Other than that, I can safely say that this belongs in the top 10.

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This is a rare gem of headbanging destruction in an audio portal sea of low sound quality entries. I picture driving a tank smashing the shit out of punks when this music plays. Excellent work.

Trying to get noticed as a voice actor, spendng my days auditioning for roles for projects that need them, even maybe yours! Hit me up via my voice acting site if you have any roles you want me to audition for!

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